What we do...

Machinery Vibration Diagnostics. 

Vibration diagnostics & fault finding on Industrial Rotating Equipment can be a complex and challenging job.   iMD has the right equipment coupled with decades of rotating equipment experience to help solve your machinery behavioral problems.  From small fans to large steam & gas turbine-generators, whatever the issue, our engineers are ready to help.

While there are many 'vibration guys' running around with answers generated by the software from their data collectors....accurate solutions can only be reached through a combination of high quality data, and the human element of intellegent diagnostic analysis.  iMD's diagnostic experience is rooted in proven scientific methodologies and techniques developed over many years of working with a myriad of heavy machinery in hundreds of industrial facilities worldwide. 

When an iMD engineer arrives on your site, rest assurred he's ready and capable of investigating and solving your machinery problems quickly and efficiently.

Tim McGinley, P.E.

Sr. Mechanical Engineer

and how we do it...


Vibration Data Collection
Bently Nevada ADRE 408 DSPi:

iMD engineers prefer the Bently Nevada series of vibration data acqusition instruments. With a 128 channel capability, the 208's and 408's are the workhorses of our field services group. ADRE SxP software provides the specific information needed for our engineers to make decisive and critical recommendations for your rotating equipment needs. 


Rotor Field Balancing:

An unbalanced rotor, when rotating, wants, to revolve around its mass centre axis. Because the bearings restrict this movement, the centrifugal force, due to the unbalance, causes the rotor to vibrate. 

The field engineers at iMD are very well versed in balancing techiques for a wide range of industrial machinery. Having the ability to follow the response to weight additions and analyzing the reactions to better understand the behavior is the key to succesful field balancing.

Our proven techiques result in a smoother operating machine train... and a satisfied client.


RDI Machinery Motion Amplification Technology:

Motion Amplification (MA) is the latest technological breakthrough in machinery fault diagnostics that compliments our existing diagnostic vibration services. 

Problems such as weak or cracked foundations, loose bolts, broken pipe hangars, and abnormally transmitted vibrations that typically cannot be seen with the naked eye... can now been seen on motion amplified live video. Root causes can now be quickly identified and solutions implimented.

iMD is a Certified IRIS-M Motion Amplification Service Provider.

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Cold Coupling Laser Alignment:
Mechanical-Thermal Growth Measurements: 

iMD utilizes the Pruftechnik Rotalign Touch for cold coupling alignment verifications. This system is also capable of monitoring machinery thermal-mechanical growth using the LiveTREND brackets and special software.

Advancements in laser measurement technology provides a more detailed insight to coupling measurements ensuring the correct settings are implimented for the best alignment possible under operating conditions.


Vibration Monitoring Systems: 

Specializing in Bently Nevada vibration monitoring systems, iMD technicians are familiar with all aspects from monitors, field wiring, proximity and seismic vibration transducer systems to monitoring HMI software options.

We are able to provide calibration services, repair/replacement and installations.


And for the smaller stuff...

iMD utilizes the Pruftechnik VibXpert II systems for vibration diagnostics with small balance of plant machinery. This instrument is better suited for units with roller element bearings such as fans, motors and pumps where a full instrumentation suite is not needed.

Field balancing is made easy utilizing the balance software capability allowing the proper placement of balance media to reduce excssive vibrations on small machines.

We also use VibXpert for acoustical and sound measurement studies that augment the acquired vibration data.



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